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About Our Company: “We Like To Support Our Local Businesses”

It seems like everything is going through Amazon these days and that is great-we even use them. But there are some problems-the small guys are getting hit hard in fact the large guys are too! We wanted to create a website similar to Amazon and other corporate websites but on a smaller scale that caters to the local economy in which you live. In other words, the local shops in your neighborhoods or surrounding neighborhoods. Maybe even in neighborhoods that you use to live in or visit.
We also had personal experiences with a small shop before and we also were hurt by the changes. There was hope though…many times we would hear a customer that came in our shop say…”we like to support our local business”. When we heard this we felt very positive and appreciative about these customers. They were our life blood to our business. Even though things got tougher for us these customers always helped us survive as long as we did. We eventually had to close the business since we just were not making enough to continue the operation.
This is where we had the idea to create a business for ourselves and help other local business at the same time by creating a website space to compete the best we can….where these special customers can still support the local community and still receive all the conveniences that other larger websites have such as Amazon. And instead of buying from large out of town – state – country, customers can buy from the local businesses direct. Sure if you want to go to the store and buy you can but this site allows the conveniences of shopping on line and still buying direct from the store or service.
And we mean local….local honey…pet walking service etc. and also many products…food….hardware etc. As we grow so will our product and service line. So please if you do not see what you want…please try again another day….because we are growing and it takes time to get there. Put the link to our page next to Amazon and think…maybe try…“” first and support your local economy. The money stays in your community and supports the growth and survival of these wonderful businesses.
We are small so we provided a direct telephone number if you should have any questions about the product or service. We do not mind if customers call us first –we will help you navigate and get accustomed to us. We try to make it simple but we do not have the budget Amazon does. That is why if there is a question about returns or anything else we can provide customer service via phone with no hassle.

Remember try us first!!! Give us another try as we will add more products and services each week! Thank You!!
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941-249-2600…This is a direct line to our Local Western NY Office

We love our customers and welcome your feedback and suggestions. Use our Contact Us page to tell us what we’re doing right or what we can improve on.